Amazon Baby Registry 

My Baby Registry

Amazon Baby Registry Aidensworld21
Amazon Baby Registry

A lot of people on my Twitter, and Facebook have been asking me to do a Amazon Baby Registry. 

I figured I would share it with you so that maybe if you, or someone you know are expecting they can have ideas on what to add into there registry. You can also get ideas on what get someone if they have a baby, or are going to. 

I chose to use Amazon because I pay to be a prime member every month, and its just more convenient for me. 

The gender of the baby will be a surprise so we will see what pops out in February of 2018. This is why you’ll see a lot of gray, and white in my registry. 

Amazon Baby Registry 

Aidensworld21 Blog 

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Hope you have a quick look at my registry, and hopefully it will help some of you. 

XOXO Aidensworld21 

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Pantry Organization 

Update on my pantry organization.

Pantry Organization Aidensworld21
Pantry Organization Aidensworld21

Lately, I have been trying to get my pastas, baking, and cooking things in order. I do not have a separate pantry, but I do have lots of cabinet space. I decided to use the extra cabinets in my kitchen as my pantry. 

I wanted to share with the progress I have been making. At the moment I have 5 glass jars. I will be getting chalkboard labels, and a white waterproof chalk pen. This is what it looks like so far. 

Pantry Organization Aidensworld21
Pantry Organization Aidensworld21

I love these jars they are very affordable, eco friendly, do a great job preserving, arrived in perfect condition, and arrived very quickly.

These jars are about $20.00 for two jars, and about $11.00 for one. I bought these jars because, they were Amazon Prime, had great reviews, and we’re affordable. 

I really like that the lid is made out of metal, and its a wide glass jar which is easy to clean. The wide jar allows for easy to pouring. 


Pantry Organization Jars
Pantry Organization Jars

Clear Half Gallon Wide-mouth Glass Jars (2-Pack), BPA free 64-Ounce Capacity w/ White Metal Lids

These are the chalkboard jar labels I plan on buying for my jars. I love that 36 labels come in a pack for under $5.00, and also that these have great reviews. 

Pantry Organization 1
Pantry Organization Labels

Chalkboard Labels,Fashionclubs Reusable Blackboard Stickers for the Kitchen, Pantry, Mason Jars, Wine Glasses 36PCS

I wanted to use a chalk pen, but I don’t want smudging. I chose to get the waterproof chalk pen. This one is just under $10.00, and I love what people have to say about these. 

Pantry Organization Waterproof Chalk Pen
Pantry Organization Waterproof Chalk Pen

Simply Remarkable Waterproof Chalk Pen to Write or Draw Custom Labels, Tags and More, White Liquid Chalk Marker, 1mm Fine Tip

This concludes my pantry organization in progress blog. Hope you liked it, and found some inspiration. Will continue to keep you updated on my cabinet pantry. 

XOXO Aidensworld21   

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I chose this Juice Beauty Bright Skin Resolutions Kit because, I seen a lot of Youtubers raving about this product. I like that it has green apple which is very good for brightening the skin.

Eat Pretty | Jolene Hart



I chose this eat pretty book because, I want to learn more about how to keep my body healthy. Beauty starts from within, and it definitely starts with a diet. I don’t know everything about being organic but, I never stop researching. I feel like this book would be a good one for me to read at night, and share with you all the things I learned.

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I chose this Stratus Soft Focus Instant Skin Perfector because, I really love the soft focus makeup everyone has been doing. I have also been really…

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Hi everyone I wanted to share with you how I decorated mydinning tablefor Christmas for under $20 dollars. I had a very small budget for Christmas this year because of me moving into a new place a month, or two ago. I also have been trying to stay on budget, and get my monthly expenses down.

I announced on Twitter that I was going to go to Homegoods.

Next yearmy budget will be a lot more for blogging, shopping, and my favorite decorating. I decorated my table. Now, let’s talk about mylovely Dollar Tree decor.



This table I had already. I bought it fromRooms To GoI have had this table for almost a full year, and…

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