Natural Birth or C Section ?

My opinion on which is better. #OnTheBlog


Natural Birth or C Section ?

Which is More Painful C Section or Natural Birth ?

With my c section I had to have morphine prescriptions, and high amounts of ibuprofen. With a natural birth without medication during labor is very painful, and recall myself begging for medicine halfway through the process. After labor all I need was a Tylenol, and I was OK. In conclusion in my opinion natural birth is less painful than c section.

C Section vs Natural Birth Weight Loss ?

When I had my c section a few years ago it took me almost a month for my belly to even think about going down. I also remember not being to do a correct sit-up for about 6 months. Now that it has been 2 weeks my stomach is almost completely flat, and I will probably be able to do a full sit up in a few more weeks. In my opinion with natural birth I loss weight more quickly than with a c section.

C Section vs Natural Birth Which is Better ?

In my opinion I wish I never had a csection. I wish I had done only natural birth with all of my deliveries.

I hope this blog post was very helpful, and informative.

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10 thoughts on “Natural Birth or C Section ?”

  1. I’m due in May and definitely more nervous about having a c-section, than a natural labour. It’s my first baby so I obviously can’t compare the two, but fingers crossed I can go as natural as possible. Thanks for the helpful post! X

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