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Grocery Delivery Review


I recently moved into my house, and had a lot to do since I already had a Amazon Prime account I decided to try it out. Below is my review, and photo of the experience I had with the Amazon Fresh grocery service.

AmazonFresh was a great experience everything arrived on time, and in more than perfect condition. The delivery person was very happy, and patient. Saved me lots of time since I had lots of errands to run I could cross buy groceries off the list. I didn’t have to deal with long lines, product I need not being in store, or deal with going up and down the aisles. Also I have bad knees from the service they swell up after 15 minutes after standing. Really happy I didn’t have to experience that knee pain with this grocery trip . I really like that the freezer food was fresh and came with the dry ice pack. The refrigerator food came with ice packs so it keep everything nice and cold. Amazon has been a blessing saving me time, money, and gas.It’s definitely $14/month to have help getting, and receiving my grocceries while I handle other things. I love Amazon Fresh Grocery service. I recommend this anyone needing there grocceries delivered.

Amazon Fresh Aidensworld21

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