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A review about a apartment that discriminated against my disability.

Normally I don’t bash companies, and talk negatively about them. This really had to be done not just for me, but for anyone seeking this apartment. I was discriminated against at this property for having a disability. If you have a disability yourself you know how hard it is to live with one. Try to be strong minded and not let it hold you back. After being discriminated against I couldn’t help but cry for hours, and at some point feel so bad that I really thought about ending my life. It took my husband begging, and pleading and telling me how important I was to get me to stop. I never felt so worthless in my life. For someone to tell you because your different you should move your stuff to another floor in apartment really got me feeling like since I was different I should be sent somewhere else because of it. Below I left my thoughts about this company but I wanted to first share why I was writing this post. This is about Signature Ridge Apartments managed by  Cres Management

The courtesy officer told me that since I have disability I should be moved to the 3rd floor. Which is discriminating against my disability, and is against the law. Which is grounds for a lawsuit according to lawyer. The courtesy officer yells at you for calling about noise after noise ordinance hours when she really should be yelling at the people making the noise. This property purposely puts people of color in the back of the property which is against the law according to fair housing. This company doesn’t seem to care that a lot of what they do is illegal. This place is a nightmare loud partying on the weekends, and sometimes during the week, and the courtesy officer does not care. The management is lazy sending blast emails to everyone about paying rent even if you already paid which is very annoying. The management here has an attitude when you need to ask for something. Maintence never shows up, and when they do they do not give a courtesy call that they’re on their way. This property has a huge reputation for being a loud disgusting dump. Telling every veteran, and military person I know in San Antonio not to live here. No one should have to go through what I had to go through, and with a disability.

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