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1st Trimester Pregnancy advice.


Since I’m nine weeks along I’m starting to get my energy back I wanted to share some of my quick tips of how to cope with the first trimester of pregnancy. A lot of the knowledge I have comes from prenatal classes that I have taken, and my own experience since this is not my first pregnancy.

Get prenatal vitamins, or talk to your doctor about prescribing you some. Prenatal vitamins are very important not just for you baby’s health, but also your own. Nobody has the perfect diet, and it is important that your baby gets everything he or she needs. I personally buy mine from the store.

Stay Hydrated. It’s very important that your drinking enough water, and staying hydrated. Not getting enough water can lead to fatigue, and sometimes nausea. If the taste of water bothers you try a new kind of water. I sometimes have to refrigerate my water a little to be able to drink it.

Maintain a healthy diet. It’s very important to avoid foods that are unhealthy for the baby. Eating a mixed variety of fresh fruits, and vegetables along with lean meats is great. I have noticed not to get things in bulk during this time foods you like may change. Having to much of something you might not eat is a waste of your time, and money.

Stick to the same foods, and don’t be afraid to try new things. There’s not point in making your self sick trying to many different foods. I’ve noticed that I tend to eat the same things for a while which is ok because the Prenatal vitamins help supplement your diet.

Ease the Morning Sickness. Having chocolate, or strawberry milk in the morning helps give me something to settle in my stomach that way I can get breakfast made. I notice that when the air conditioner is on 64 degrees or more I start to feel really hot, and then get really nauseous. So I keep the air conditioner on 63 degrees. All the time my husband, and daughter tell me about how cold it is, and that’s ok with me. They have long sleeves, pants, and blankets so they’ll be fine.

Another way to ease morning sickness is to eat, or drink things that have ginger in it. I have ginger candy, and sweet tea with ginger in the ingredient list which helps me out a lot. Make sure you talk to your doctor about your morning sickness having too much ginger can be unhealthy.

Turkey Hill Haymakers Tea Sweet

Rest. Getting lots of rest, and relaxing during this time is very important. I try to take as many naps whenever I can. Sleep is a healthy, and beautiful thing so gets lots. Even if your not pregnant.
Involve your partner. Let your partner know how your feeling, and what you may need. It’s important that they are involved, and know how to help you. Sometimes my husband takes my daughter to get ice cream so I have can get a quick nap in. If your partner loves you they’ll want to help when they can. Never be afraid to ask for help.

Hope this was very informational I’m not a doctor this just my advice, and what has been working for me. Make sure you talk to your doctor about any questions, or concerns that you have.

XOXO Aidensworld21

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  1. I forgot to mention that I also sit for 2-3 hours after eating to prevent me from getting morning sickness. Instead of drinking water during my meals I drink water in between meals. Just wanted to add the extra tips. 🙂

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