How to Remove Dark Spots on Face Fast-Aidensworld21

Here’s how I get rid of my dark spots.



Lately, I have been having super bad acne. I had to stop using all my face products just to see what was causing my skin to react so badly, and finally a few days before this picture I figured it out, and now my skin is clearing up.

I wanted to share with you what I’ve been doing to keep my face bright, and dark spot free. First, I take a half of lemon, and rub it all over my face with my eyes closed. With clean fingertips I massage the juice left from the lemon on my face. I let that sit on my face for about 10-15 min. When the time is up I rinse the lemon off, and right after pat dry your face.

Be careful make sure you rinse off all the lemon off your face because it can get in your eye, and burn badly. (I’ve burned my eyes a few times lol.)

Then I get honey, and rub it onto my face. After the honey sits for a few minutes I take a warm cloth, and gently wipe off the honey. Everyone who sees me tell me that my face looks brighter, and more radiant right after I do this.

I really wanted to share this tip with you, and give you some insight on what I’ve been doing to keep my dark spots brightened.

I really hope this helps you with your skin journey or beauty journey.


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