The No-Makeup Challenge Aidensworld21

No more makeup ?



No Makeup Challenge

No more makeup ?

I have decided to throw away all my foundations, and just let my skin breathe. You might have been wondering:

  • Where are the makeup tutorials ?
  • Where are the foundation routines ?
  • Where are the makeup reviews ?

Sadly, I will not be doing any of those.

I have decided to ditch the foundation, and just take care of my skin. I haven’t been wearing foundation for at least a few weeks now. I have been filling in my brows, wearing lip gloss, and lipsticks only. So, you will still get in depth reviews on the lipsticks, lip glosses, eyebrow products, lip serums, and skin tools I will be using. I will continue to bring you along with me on my new skin journey.

I know ditching the makeup is not something everyone wants to hear from me, but I decided to make this decision for me.

The reasons why I’m quitting foundation:

  • So I don’t clog my pores
  • keep my skin free from chemicals found in foundation
  • it blocks my skin from the sun
  • To show I’m confident in my skin
  • To let people know I really don’t need makeup
  • Taking care of my skin is cheaper than wearing foundation

These are my reasons for not wearing foundation anymore. Hope you enjoyed this post, and that it inspires you in some way to love yourself, and your skin. I’ll see you in my next post.

XOXO Aidensworld21



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