#pureleafhomebrew Moment

Check out my Pure Leaf home brew moment.


Today I would like to talk about my Pure Leaf Home Brew moments.


The first moment started  with the Iced Green Tea with Citrus.


This moment was full of relaxation, and peace. The flavor of this Tea was very leafy. I love that it has green tea with a burst of natural citrus flavors I feel it is a great combination that goes very well together.

I enjoyed this tea because, after sipping I instantly felt more energized, and more focused. This is the type of Tea you can drink hot, or cold and will still have the same great flavor.

My Second moment was with the Black Tea with Vanilla.


This moment was full of the soft, and sweet aroma of vanilla. Black tea, and Vanilla are always I feel are the dynamic duo when it comes to flavor. The strong black tea with soft vanilla just balance so well. I love this tea, and honestly this one is favorite of the two I received.

What I love to do when I pour me a hot steamy cup. Then, add almond milk to it. I just love it. Again, this is a tea you can have hot or cold. This one is definitely one that I will buy for my tea cabinet for myself. I’m not sharing that’s how good this one is.

These products are great remind me of the company Teavana, but for way less money. As a strong tea lover I was happy to try to these products. I feel it was definitely worth my time, and this review. The only downside to these products are that they do not use recycled materials. I know most tea lovers love to see recycled materials for the packaging.  I will definitely pick this tea up in the store if I see it on the shelves.

To learn more about Pure Leaf click here

Influenster is great company that send you products just for having a huge following on social media. One thing I love about this company is that you can receive products free, and review them. Also, I love that you can also adjust your preferences to vegan, organic, or any other lifestyle you have. If you would like to receive products free, and join the Influenster community you can click here.


Hope you enjoyed this post, and are having a wonderful day. See you in the next post.



Author: Aidensworld21

"A healthier way to do beauty and fashion "

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