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Reflecting on 2016



As we bring 2016 to end. I can’t help, but feel happy. My New Year’s Resolution for the year of 2016 was to eat more “Organic”. My diet was on of the biggest changes I saw this year.

Eating Organic

I went to the emergency room a few times, and was very sick last year. Those we’re scary moments just laying there with a IV, and feeling like you’re about to die. It wasn’t until my second time going to hospital that I realized that I needed to get organic food. I needed to watch what I was putting into my body. Once I switched to organic I stayed out of the hospital.



I moved into my new apartment on the first of November. It was expensive; packing boxes, paying rent, deposits, hiring movers, and setting up utillies. It’s a move that my family is very happy with. I am glad to bring in the New Year here. It feels like home.


I lost my grandpa in February he served in the Vietnam war. I talked to him a lot before he passed. I could feel our time was coming to end as grandpa, and granddaughter. I remember telling him I loved him a few months before he passed. I’m happy I was able to do that. May he rest in heavenly peace. Sad Face.

This year DEC 23rd 2016 will be my 3 year anniversary. The day before Christmas Eve. I’m happy that my husband, and I have become more close. We had a lot of fun this year together, and as family. That’s something I’m very grateful for.


It has been lot’s of fun. I feel very proud of myself I have endured a lot of sleepless nights blogging, responding to comments on social media, and my favorite reading other blogs. I feel like it’s been a great blogging year, and I know that next year will be even better.

I hope you had a great year. If not, guess what ? It will be a New Year soon. I love New Year’s because it’s a great opportunity to do better than what you did before. To  learn from this year’s mistakes, and move on.

I hope your New Year is filling with joy, peace, and happiness.

XOXO Aidensworld21

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