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How I decorated my Table for under $20



Hi everyone I wanted to share with you how I decorated my dinning table for Christmas for under $20 dollars. I had a very small budget for Christmas this year because of me moving into a new place a month, or two ago. I also have been trying to stay on budget, and get my monthly expenses down.

I announced on Twitter that I was going to go to Homegoods.


Next year¬†my budget will be a lot more for blogging, shopping, and my favorite decorating. I decorated my table. Now, let’s talk about my¬†lovely Dollar Tree decor.



This table I had already. I bought it from¬†Rooms To Go¬†I have had this table for almost a full year, and I haven’t had any problems with it. It’s a very heavy, and study table. I¬†think this table is made of real wood. I bought this table for around¬†$800 it’s was on sale at the time when I bought it.

I spent a lot of money on this table because, I wanted a table I could have for a long time. The light grey napkins I bought back in July from Homegoods. The silverware I bought from Wayfair from their Wayfair Basics brand.

picsart_12-11-08.59.22.jpgThis is a full look at my table from a corner angle. I really love how this table was made, and how they camouflage the heave duty screws.

picsart_12-11-08.59.59.jpgI found 8 red poinsettia flowers at the dollar tree, and placed four on each side of the jar. The jar  is from Homegoods, and I bought it months ago. I already had this jar so I just filled it with ornaments I got from the dollar tree.

I chose the silver ornaments because, I thought they would go well with the light grey napkins I already had. These ornaments came in 5 in one pack for $1. So it only cost me $2 to fill this jar.

I also picked up some white, and silver flowers.¬†I didn’t want it to be too much silver so I only¬†purchased two silver flowers. I also picked up¬†one white flower¬†to bring a contrast with the silver ornaments, and silver flowers. The white plates I bought months ago¬†from Amazon 6 plates¬†for about $13.

picsart_12-11-09.12.22.jpgI wanted the mid-center to leave a lot of room for plates of food, and the main dishes.

picsart_12-11-09.13.07.jpgAs you can see I didn’t want to do too much to this table. It’s going to be a less formal Christmas because everyone who is coming over are between the ages of¬†20-27 years old.


As you can see I didn’t spend a lot of money, and I just used what I already¬†had to decorate my table for Christmas.

It’s not about how much money you spend. It’s about how you make the money you look. I left the prices for the table below.

Total: $13 on my table.

I hope your enjoying the holidays with friends, and family.

XOXO Aidensworld21¬†ūüíč

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