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One thing I love about our place is that there is so much natural light. Sunlight is good for you because it helps you to produce serotonin your body’s natural happy  hormone.

As I prepare for Thanksgiving I can’t help, but feel a little nervous it will be my first time having my own thanksgiving with my own little family. My husband is going to help me thank God. Even though he has agreed to help I’m still incredibly nervous. I have been flip flopping on what to make, how to set my table, and what were going to do. I feel like I could be overthinking everything because of how excited I am. I think I can pull it all together before Thanksgiving I will be sure to let you know how that goes for me.

How are you guys feeling for this upcoming Thanksgiving ? Are you excited like I am ? What are you making/doing for Thanksgiving ? I need ideas !

I will see you another post.💕

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