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Benefits Drinking Essentia Water


I have been drinking this water for months, and to be honest didn’t think I wouldn’t see any difference in my body drinking this water. I first noticed the difference after finishing almost half of a Liter of one of the water bottles I had. l notice that I had less headaches, more energy, ability to think clearly, and clear urination (a sign that your hydrated). I have been drinking this water instead of your normal generic water. This water has a low acidity, and electrolytes which are good to help your body stay hydrated. This water helps you purify your body, and helps your body naturally remove toxins. I’ve noticed that some waters taste like pool water. This water also has a very fresh, and crisp taste. Since it is ionized it removes the bitter tasting acidic ions. The bottles are BPA free, fluoride free, chromium free, and chlorine free. This bottle is also made to be able to recycle. 🌍



I am not affiliated with this company in any way. I just love this water, and wanted to share with you what I’ve been drinking to stay healthy.  You can find out more about this company and where to buy this water here. Hope you liked this post, and I will see you in the next one.

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