DEVACURL DevaDryer™ & DevaFuser™

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DEVACURL DevaDryer™ & DevaFuser™

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Ok let me start off by saying this. I went into ULTA just to look around. Next thing I know I’m purchasing this. 

I saw a few YouTube tutorials on this product, and that’s what made me purchase this product. As soon as I arrived at my house I took a shower. I conditioned my hair then, I shampooed it. I squeezed my hair one time with a  clean towel. Next, I applied the  SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Gel Souffle – Ulta. Making sure to get every section of my hair. Finally I began diffusing. I used the coldest, and the lowest setting. The picture above shows the final results. 

Yes, I would definitely recommend this product. It worked on the first try for me. It normally takes me longer to get used to figuring out a product, but this is super easy to use. 

I love this diffuser so much especially the hand shaped attachment. The had does a great job lifting the hair from the root. Helping your hair look more full. I have become very obsessed, and very possessive of this item. I like that if I want my hair straight I can blow it straight with the second attachment. It does a great job focusing the air on the sections of hair your blow drying. This is a must buy for curly hair.    

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