Live Beauty Fully All Over Powder Brush #211

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It cosmetics all over powder brush #211
image[/It Cosmetics All Over Powder Brush #211]

It Cosmetics All Over Powder #211

This Brush is only at ULTA

Why I bought it :

This Brush has a platinum finish, and is very beautifully appealing to the eyes. I believe it did a great job at setting my makeup. I love how uniquely shaped this brush is. The unique shape allows for better control.

My first Impression :

The feel of this brush is so soft you just want to pet it all day. This brush has a nice weight to it which helps with control when applying powders. The handle is very smooth and reflects beautifully with the flash. I washed this brush already and noticed no shedding at all.

How I apply it :

When I applied my powder I first swirled it into the product. Then, in circlular motion started dusting the powder on my face. It didn’t pick up to much of the powder or too little of it.

I was very surprised at how I didn’t have to go back over areas of my face with this brush. This brush is a must for powder.

Products Used:

I used the Tarte Amazonian clay full coverage foundation in Tan deep sand and set it with the Tarte smooth operator Amazonian clay pressed finishing powder.

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12 thoughts on “Live Beauty Fully All Over Powder Brush #211”

      1. That’s what I did too I love buying the set I have an older post with pictures I just really needed a good powder brush. I’m not the type to pay $40.00 . They have three sets for about the same price. These brushes are perfect.

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