Best Organic Drugstore BB Creams & Powders for Summer 2016 @physiciansformula

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First, let’s start from the inside out with these products. This brand is 100% organic which means safe for pregnancy, and great for people with sensitive skin. Physicians Formula’s line are always free of harsh chemicals.

Both BB creams and the powder have an SPF 30 perfect for discoloration, sun protection, and protection against environmental change. Also, keep in mind flash photography is no no with these products.

The Super BB cream has a very creamy moisturizing texture to and it’s very breathable. It is a nice size to travel with if you need to grab and go. I love this BB cream because it’s perfect for the very hot months. I do have combination/oily skin. Some how it helps me to control the oil on my face. It lasts all day and the powder that goes with it has a nice sheen and glow to it.

Now, let’s talk about the Argan Wear BB cream this is my all time favorite. It has Argan oil in it which is a very great ingredient for all skin types. Argan oil although being a oil does not leave you greasy. This Morrocan style product does wonders. Everytime I wash the makeup away it makes my skin feel softer than it was before I put the makeup on.

XOXO Aidensworld21

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